The island that withdrew from the continent
Where evolution happened, a Darwin chisel

Chiseling DNA strands, like they were wood carvings.
And that island is where you see wild boar

Making noises in the dark and wild geese playing the windpipes
And wild is about the bricks of origin and evolution.

Island dwellers are subjected to evolutionary events
Cactus finches become a little different from the rest.

Their beaks become curvier, bigger to feed on cacti.
It seems Finches knew how to become their own island.

Darwin was right. We don’t change to be ourselves.
We change for the environment surrounding us. Adaptation is survival.

It is about belonging – When in Rome do as the Romans do.
And every island is Rome. And here you get

A bastion called providence chiseled by forces of nature.
Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither was evolution.

Evolution is all about a million islands in the sun.
Remus and Romulus suckling the breasts of a mother wolf

And planting the seed of life in an enclave near seven hills.
Like evolution suckles Gaia’s breasts, and sculpts many little islands.

Every species is an isle. A castaway in biology only able to
Make love to its own kind. A little trap called speciation.

Darwinian love is more sanctimonious than lifelong monogamy.
Evolution it seems is holier than the pope.