All she wanted was happiness
Happiness beyond conditions..
That arises from within
Not to be bought from the store
As they showed on TV screen
Not to be traded with worldly bonds
Happiness, unlike the way they taught in schools
She wanted to be, Happy …..on her own
Like those noble bold headed ladies
Of an era bygone..
The poetesses of light..
Smiling serenely in paintings…
That time tried to takedown
from the fading frescos on aged walls

And when she went forth with her will
In saffron robes and shaven head..
Even the statues started to talk
“Such a bright girl… so young…
“What a waste of beauty”
“Must have had some heartbreaks,
“Or maybe too many troubles at home ”
“What’s there to do as women?”
“There’s no bhikkuni order for real, after all”
“It even goes against the vinaya”
Though the men are ordained
Chosen by their castes, into which they are born
Also, not in vinaya, though they choose to ignore..
Into a philosophy, that treats
All beings with one undying love for all….


* Vinaya – Buddhist monastic code of ethics