Her heart was never in one place
You could never
Contain it in your palms
Like water dripping through
Like a bird fluttering wings
against your hold…

It was never in one place whole heartedly…
She scattered the pieces of her heart
Like a farmer ploughing the fields
And they took root…
One piece in one continent
Another in the other

And when she is here
She yearned to be in the other
Always on the run… searching
for a bliss unknown
Her heart split and beating to
Different beats of different drums

And she appeared lost…
Not knowing which part
Of the heart to choose…
To nurture and to let go…
With roots stretching
far beyond ocean floors

And that’s what this flight for greener shores
does to most people, still young at heart
You’re neither there nor here…
And parts of you demands to grow
beyond reason and desires