What Will  you Do?


Eve was so excited to inform her  pregnancy

Adam accused garden friend as the father of the child

Eve asked God to convince him, but Adam refused.

Adam firmly said, I will never support this baby

Eve is so sad of rejection and wanted to commit suicide?


13 year old Miriam was raped by a guard  while looking after Mosses in river bank.

She doesn’t know anything about sex or giving birth to a child?

She is ashamed of having big stomach and angry she can’t play with others

She doesn’t want a little baby in her stomach?


Abraham and Sarah are expecting their first child

Doctor informs them,  foetus is deformed

They are too old to give extra care

They don’t want to have a deformed child?


Isaac invited Rebeca  for a friend’s party

She woke up from party room, remembering drinks she had before

When she found her pregnant, she was suspicion of the party

she doesn’t want to spoil her dreams of becoming a Dr by keeping this baby?


Soon after marriage Ruth found out Boaz was bisexual

He was violent and having a male partner

She decided to live alone by herself as a single woman

She later found she is pregnant and afraid to be stigmatized by society

She doesn’t want to spoil her reputation in the society by being pregnant?


Esther was a single strong woman

Who was ganged raped middle of the day

She is depressed and can’t take care of her own self

She is pregnant, her elderly uncle can’t take care of the child?


Mary takes care of her sick widow mother and head of family

She supports the schooling of 3 siblings and being a breadwinner

Joseph took her out and compelled to sleep with him, she couldn’t refuse

She is pregnant, if she moves on having her own family

Her own family will commit suicide?


Aquila and Pricilla are expecting their 6th child

4th child died of low birth weight, 5th prematurely died

Pricilla is anaemic and malnourished

Financially they can’t afford to have 3 meals per day

They don’t want another new born to suffer with them