Teenage Mary enjoyed hanging out 

She played with her friends & had fun

She wanted to remain enjoying life

She loved to be free of responsibilities


Suddenly she met a man from heaven

She fell in love with his words of hope

With her consent raped by holy spirit

She became pregnant to fatherless child


Joseph who suppose to marry her, refused her

She brought dis grace to her own family

She became shame and was rejected

She became unwanted and sent to her cousin


Mary travelled alone far away from home

Hopelessly met Elizabeth and was encouraged

She enjoyed spending her life with her old cousin

Suddenly Joseph took her back to marry her


She was forced to accept an older man as her husband

She has to become a door mat to listen to him

She has to leave her family behind to follow him

She became the woman of speechless object


She never knew anything about child birth

She travelled along way to give birth to the child

She was refused to have a place to bore the child

She gave birth to her child alone without any support


She didn’t know how to nurse the baby

She only had men visitors from the world

She did not have any privacy to be with her child

Suddenly  her husband demands her to follow him again


She was dependent on her husband and follows him

One day her son got disappeared in the crowd

She was blamed  for being irresponsible mother

When she found the son, he blamed her for being anxious


She was left alone, when her son started his ministry

When she visited him, he refused her as his mother

He witnessed the sufferings of her only son

She stood next to his son when he died on the cross