Beauty of a woman

She walked in the streets without hope
She saw herself as useless and threw herself into garbage
She damaged herself with substance abuse
She named herself a fool and allowed others to call her a fool

She lived in fear of the present and people
She was tortured daily by her past
She blamed herself for being born into this world
She hated herself and bruised herself daily

She was a terror and a nightmare to her own self
She looked at the sky with confusion and questions
She stared at the wall with frustration

She called for help and silence was the answer
She searched for love and disappointment was her gift
She wrapped her desires and parcelled all her needs
She decided to live as if she didn’t exist anymore

She lived in darkness without knowing the meaning of light
She lost the meaning of beauty, she remained without emotions
One day a ray of hope came into her life through a smile of a child
The next day she felt accepted through a gift

Each day she found new meaning in life through charity
She started to feel the power within her to lift her up
She became the beauty of her own self and admired herself
She became the person of love, kindness and hope

She always reached out with her helping hand to those who suffer
She was admired and appreciated by all who came across her life
She is a beautiful soul with a big heart of love and acceptance
She is seen as an image of God, counted as a blessing from God