Kavithé Collective



“…..they are most probably dead…”

Expectantly she comes to meet them, her plastic bag of documents clasped tightly under her arm. Her face weary, and tear-stained, but, ready to tell her story one more time. White journalists, local activists, big people from big international human... Continue Reading →

They called him “Sports Star”

Everyone called him “Sports Star”. He was unbeatable. Like the wind. Everyone was in awe of my elder brother. Everyone knew our family. Then there was an attack in our area. A Police big-shot was killed. All hell broke loose.... Continue Reading →

“…you must come visit me when I’m back home…”

It was 2010, and I was to meet his family for the first time. The moment I set foot into their house though, I knew.... this was going to be a lasting friendship. Appa approached me with open arms, warmth... Continue Reading →

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