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writer, motivational public speaker, Medical doctor enjoys the moment in following the passion to be the voice and ambassador for opressed. Seeks for truth and fights for freedom. Healed healer helps to make peace with past and creates the now.

Beauty of a woman

Beauty of a woman She walked in the streets without hope She saw herself as useless and threw herself into garbage She damaged herself with substance abuse She named herself a fool and allowed others to call her a fool... Continue Reading →

Woman’s Endurance

  Teenage Mary enjoyed hanging out  She played with her friends & had fun She wanted to remain enjoying life She loved to be free of responsibilities   Suddenly she met a man from heaven She fell in love with... Continue Reading →

Bibilical Pregnancy

What Will  you Do?   Eve was so excited to inform her  pregnancy Adam accused garden friend as the father of the child Eve asked God to convince him, but Adam refused. Adam firmly said, I will never support this... Continue Reading →

Who is a prostitute

    Is it only the person who sells their body for money a prostitute?   How do we call a person who denies his values to make money? Isn’t he a prostitute for selling his heart?   How do... Continue Reading →

Army Uncle

I Wish to …   I wish to call you Army Uncle, But I am afraid remembering the past. I wish to give you a kiss on your cheek, But I run away and hide myself behind the curtain. I... Continue Reading →

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