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I'm a Sri Lankan currently living in Kyiv, Ukraine. I love to write and draw, cook and eat :-). Having lived in Sri Lanka until 2015, my motivation to write often arises from my varied experiences and memories of home. This, along with my continual struggle to make sense of my chaotic mind and to cope with daily life, lured me to blog.

I see you

I’m not afraid of you because, I look into your eyes. In them, I see a hundred wars descended from the skies. Haunting cries tired sighs sorrow borne of scars. I’m not afraid of you because, I look into your... Continue Reading →

Remember me?

"Remember me? Says the little girl, with the dark dreamy eyes that bore through mine; Somehow knowing, somehow wise. Scrawny thing with scabby knees; hair blowing wild, in the tropical breeze. Bare feet planted, in wet muddy grass, stoic. solid... Continue Reading →

Mine to bear

There’s a crick in my shoulder. A stiffness; there it is again – that niggling pain. Hard like a boulder yet heavier still… what could it be? Oh. Yes. I see. It’s only the weight of the world. Mine to... Continue Reading →

Every Day

It's women's day today, they say. But I am who I am... every day. Did they tell me how to be a girl? Did they tell me to dip and twirl? to knit and purl? of diamonds and pearls? Did... Continue Reading →


Giant bus, up my arse, SUV on top of me; Moto GP next to me, starring Mr. Pee Vee Flea. Look, look! Tuk tuk! Trying to poke in every nook. Tuk tuk, ‘Fool of a Took!’ stirring Balrog amidst the... Continue Reading →

Blood; runs; through my veins

Blood; runs; through my veins. Just like yours; just like yours. You and I are quite the same; heart and brain, heart and brain. … Remove my skin; what’s within Flesh, muscle, sinew, bones. Cut me; see? How my blood... Continue Reading →

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