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I see you

I’m not afraid of you because, I look into your eyes. In them, I see a hundred wars descended from the skies. Haunting cries tired sighs sorrow borne of scars. I’m not afraid of you because, I look into your... Continue Reading →

Split Hearts

Her heart was never in one place You could never Contain it in your palms Like water dripping through Like a bird fluttering wings against your hold… It was never in one place whole heartedly… She scattered the pieces of... Continue Reading →

Turn Turn Turn

We turn the tide. We turn bad times to good We turn around to a clement angle A favorable crossroad. And yet there are no turns To the refugee that can only turn around To see Aleppo in flames. Turn,... Continue Reading →

Remember me?

"Remember me? Says the little girl, with the dark dreamy eyes that bore through mine; Somehow knowing, somehow wise. Scrawny thing with scabby knees; hair blowing wild, in the tropical breeze. Bare feet planted, in wet muddy grass, stoic. solid... Continue Reading →

Shaven Heads

All she wanted was happiness Happiness beyond conditions.. That arises from within Not to be bought from the store As they showed on TV screen Not to be traded with worldly bonds Happiness, unlike the way they taught in schools... Continue Reading →

Exit Wounds (Soldier and the Tamil Girl)

A proud soldier of the state inside a bunker A canvas about to be painted In shrapnel wounds, blood strokes, Dappled red, turning white to a paler shade. He was telling a story inside the bunker, How the beautiful Tamil... Continue Reading →

Mine to bear

There’s a crick in my shoulder. A stiffness; there it is again – that niggling pain. Hard like a boulder yet heavier still… what could it be? Oh. Yes. I see. It’s only the weight of the world. Mine to... Continue Reading →

Boundless Plains

A poem about the refugee crisis in the Middle East and the lack of compassion in Australia.

Little Jesus

  It seems this Christmas It has snowed in the Sahara After 37 long years, while in Melbourne The temperature rises to near 40. And over in the Arctic, Santa and his little helpers Are waiting to deliver beautifully wrapped... Continue Reading →

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