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Who is a prostitute

    Is it only the person who sells their body for money a prostitute?   How do we call a person who denies his values to make money? Isn’t he a prostitute for selling his heart?   How do... Continue Reading →


Army Uncle

I Wish to …   I wish to call you Army Uncle, But I am afraid remembering the past. I wish to give you a kiss on your cheek, But I run away and hide myself behind the curtain. I... Continue Reading →

Girl Child

There are cries of pleasure, And there are cries of agony and despair. Sometimes there are decrees, Like the coming of age, of the girl child, Where fate lines up encounters, Of the choice-less, merciless, kind, When the prototypical budding life,... Continue Reading →


Siva was a young man of 30 years. He was dark, tanned by the Northern sun A fisherman, who went pastMannar Island every third day. He had a god above him, Two hulls of a catamaran on either side, A... Continue Reading →

I see you

I’m not afraid of you because, I look into your eyes. In them, I see a hundred wars descended from the skies. Haunting cries tired sighs sorrow borne of scars. I’m not afraid of you because, I look into your... Continue Reading →

Split Hearts

Her heart was never in one place You could never Contain it in your palms Like water dripping through Like a bird fluttering wings against your hold… It was never in one place whole heartedly… She scattered the pieces of... Continue Reading →

Turn Turn Turn

We turn the tide. We turn bad times to good We turn around to a clement angle A favorable crossroad. And yet there are no turns To the refugee that can only turn around To see Aleppo in flames. Turn,... Continue Reading →

Remember me?

"Remember me? Says the little girl, with the dark dreamy eyes that bore through mine; Somehow knowing, somehow wise. Scrawny thing with scabby knees; hair blowing wild, in the tropical breeze. Bare feet planted, in wet muddy grass, stoic. solid... Continue Reading →

Shaven Heads

All she wanted was happiness Happiness beyond conditions.. That arises from within Not to be bought from the store As they showed on TV screen Not to be traded with worldly bonds Happiness, unlike the way they taught in schools... Continue Reading →

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