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I was driving past the new British High Commission office complex (at least that's what I think it is - its located just next door to the High Commissioners house), and was amazed to notice the degree to which it... Continue Reading →

Hotline to life

Never laugh or ignore people who talk about suicide or death. It is not a cry for help or attention as people seem to assume. Understand that this is a living breathing human who has a life, who enjoyed life,... Continue Reading →

The Vatican of Darwin

The island that withdrew from the continent Where evolution happened, a Darwin chisel Chiseling DNA strands, like they were wood carvings. And that island is where you see wild boar Making noises in the dark and wild geese playing the... Continue Reading →

They called him “Sports Star”

Everyone called him “Sports Star”. He was unbeatable. Like the wind. Everyone was in awe of my elder brother. Everyone knew our family. Then there was an attack in our area. A Police big-shot was killed. All hell broke loose.... Continue Reading →

Random Dance

Baby I got your back. No need to run. No need to hide. This is history. Peace time. Love spread wide‎. Dance with me. Dance with him. Dance with your sister, your Mother, your grand, old aunt. Dance and don't... Continue Reading →

මිටින් ගත් ආත්මය

අපට මේ ගොම්මනත් අහිමි විය අතිනතෙහි වෙලි උන් අපි දෙදෙන නොගැටුනෙමු කිසිවකුගේ නෙත් කොනෙක නීල රැය ලොව වෙලන නිමේෂෙක මම මගේ කවුළුවෙන් දැක ගතිමි ඈත කඳු සිරස් මත හිරු ගිලෙන උළෙලසිරි ඇතැම් විට ගිලෙන හිරු කැබැල්ලක් දිලෙයි කාසියක් ලෙස සුරත... Continue Reading →


Giant bus, up my arse, SUV on top of me; Moto GP next to me, starring Mr. Pee Vee Flea. Look, look! Tuk tuk! Trying to poke in every nook. Tuk tuk, ‘Fool of a Took!’ stirring Balrog amidst the... Continue Reading →

One of Them

Realisation dawns. The mind is benumbed, critical faculties suspended, trapped in the mundane monotony, of everyday existence, I have become one of Them, the obedient, unthinking automaton, another Zombie.

On reading the news

The town crier announces tallest Buddhas in the world and villages named after president-Kings landmarking an island drowning out quiet pleas for peace of mind at home, and a landscape whose pride we all might share in.

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