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Little Jesus

  It seems this Christmas It has snowed in the Sahara After 37 long years, while in Melbourne The temperature rises to near 40. And over in the Arctic, Santa and his little helpers Are waiting to deliver beautifully wrapped... Continue Reading →


We walk. Trail they say, is a little Path towards healing. Still, walking on Nike Shoes does not make the shadows smaller Or the shade a little less. Victory is only gnawing A rope that slowly starts to shorten with... Continue Reading →

The Vatican of Darwin

The island that withdrew from the continent Where evolution happened, a Darwin chisel Chiseling DNA strands, like they were wood carvings. And that island is where you see wild boar Making noises in the dark and wild geese playing the... Continue Reading →


This was a song I wrote a few years ago with one of my friend's acoustic guitar when I was in Sri Lanka. The song was more of an acoustic composition that falls into my solo material category that I hope to record someday.

Blood; runs; through my veins

Blood; runs; through my veins. Just like yours; just like yours. You and I are quite the same; heart and brain, heart and brain. … Remove my skin; what’s within Flesh, muscle, sinew, bones. Cut me; see? How my blood... Continue Reading →

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