Kavithé Collective



Remember me?

"Remember me? Says the little girl, with the dark dreamy eyes that bore through mine; Somehow knowing, somehow wise. Scrawny thing with scabby knees; hair blowing wild, in the tropical breeze. Bare feet planted, in wet muddy grass, stoic. solid... Continue Reading →


I was driving past the new British High Commission office complex (at least that's what I think it is - its located just next door to the High Commissioners house), and was amazed to notice the degree to which it... Continue Reading →

Simple pleasures

It is a quarter to twelve and I stepped out of the house a few minutes ago to find the entire landscape bathed in a brilliant moonlight. I stood savouring the scenery and the cool breeze of the night. There... Continue Reading →


Memories flood my mind, mixture of pain, and grief. Ghosts of the past, faces, voices, seem to show me the way. Where have I come, this far away from destiny? How could I have been so blind to what's ahead... Continue Reading →

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